A new beginning
9/26/05; 8:02:06 PM
Recently, I've spent all my time working at Boinx Software and I am running a weblog there.

But, fsomm.com contains many things that I am proud of, so I would like to pick it up again. I want to move it to blojsom because I need to be able to work with that and understand it better.

So, what is the way? How can I move this stuff over? Rendering to static is one way... - Discuss

3/14/04; 6:32:13 PM

It might not look like it, but I am making progress learning CSS. This layout is getting much closer to what I am expecting. One thing is getting in the way: Manila adds tags to the posts that mess up the layout. Of course, I will someday find out how to fix this, but for now there is just no way. - Discuss

Redesign to learn
3/10/04; 8:35:58 PM

I am going to rip this page apart. To learn CSS I need to have a sandbox worth playing.

Let's see what happens.

- Discuss

Good old times
3/10/04; 2:22:13 PM
This article at Spiegel online is just great (although in German, sorry).

I remember those good old times back in the late 80s when the CeBIT simply was the place to be. - Discuss

Disconnect - Reconnect
3/10/04; 10:24:35 AM
I've lost the connection to the blogging community. I fell in Google rankings. And I do care. However, how to reconnect? I guess, the past is the past. Maybe I will start a new blog, a corporate blog. - Discuss

Long time no post
3/7/04; 4:25:45 PM
Well, today is my 35th birthday and I decided to look through my work to reflect on my accomplishments and noticed that I do not post to this weblog any more. I realised that there are several reasons for this: 1) I've got not time. 2) I think it could affect our business. 3) I fell behind on technology, so I am embarrassed to look at a design that once was really good but should really be reworked now.

Anyways, here is a fun thing for Mac OS X users: http://www.miraclesight.com - Discuss

Blogging O'Reilly's Mac OS X Conference 2003
10/27/03; 2:46:49 AM
I don't know if I can blog the conference, but I will have another travel diary. This one is called O'Reilly 2003 Day 1. - Discuss

10/8/03; 3:33:24 PM
Wow, what a mess the past two weeks. We got a new Internet line and it was 2 days late so we were down for about 30 hours.

Then, one of our key servers starts acting up. A linux box that routes traffic between three networks and acts as an internet gateway. Out it goes and I replace it with a Mac running Mac OS X with 3 Ethernet cards. Works.

Here is my wishlist for Mac OS X Server Panther: A document telling me how to create a transparent proxy and a document telling me how to setup and correctly configure the machine as a router. Mine works, but I am not sure how. Also, the VPN should be a good thing, when it works. - Discuss

This is disturbing
8/12/03; 8:57:24 PM
Somehow, a couple of pages on this site that are not linked anywhere ended up in Google. You can find them although they are not meant to be found. A guy whose name is on the pages noticed and was very surprised to read about himself. I wanted this to be a private note. Somewhere on this site there must be a link to the Stories page or someone linked to my private page. - Discuss

Turn your iSight into a camcorder with iRecordNow
8/12/03; 8:53:25 PM
A new product by my company, Boinx Software: iRecordNow. Turns your iSight into a digital camcorder. Very slick interface. I've not even done a Press Release yet, and still we have a ton of downloads. Over a thousand already. - Discuss

Flash Mobs
7/28/03; 4:18:57 PM
No, they don't get it
7/24/03; 12:44:07 PM
buymusic.com shows that they don't get it. We don't need yet another way to download music. We don't need another way to be melked for profits. We need a different approach on marketing music. Did you notice that the iTunes Music Store is not a website? And its real potential stems not from the fact that you can download music. It comes from the fact that you do not notice that you "download" music. It is like it is just there for you. The big thing about the iTunes Music Store is that it allows you to browse the library and make the parts you like your own.

Think about it. - Discuss

Woz turns Big Brother
7/22/03; 11:59:51 AM
Although I understand the desire of parents to be able to track their children around the clock, the question is, should we give it to them?

Steve Woz Wozniak has a new company that is doing exactly that: They produce a tag that can be attached to any object or person and allows a 24/7 digital tracking of that person's movements.

It is intriguing technology. But is it humane? Imagine your parents had been able to track your every move when you were a kid... I think the first thing I would have done is find ways to trick, destroy and/or remove the tag. - Discuss

Scary World
7/16/03; 8:10:02 AM
Dave has always been a character inspiring controversy. But now it seems he is being stalked by some people. I could imagine that he would invoke strong feelings in some people who's path he has crossed in recent years, but guys, get a grip. I suspect that they are doing it because they want to get Dave's attention. Dave should ignore them and move on. - Discuss

Arriving in California
6/22/03; 8:00:47 PM
We have arrived. After a lengthy, uncomfortable but uneventful flight where we met two guys from Sacramento on their way back from a 4 week holiday in Europe, we have arrived in San Francisco. One of the guys broke his neck a couple of years ago snowboarding in Lake Tahoe and therefore was handicapped. His friend took care of him and we were impressed that he would be willing to do such a thing. There are very good people on this world. (This entry should have been on Thursday) - Discuss