Sat, Jan 8, 2000; by Oliver Breidenbach.

UPDATE: A lot has happened to this weblog since I wrote the introduction below. I believe my objectives for keeping the weblog have shifted significantly over the years. My most immediate concern is of building my business. I am not sure about the long term objectives. So, I decided to keep the introduction for the time being, although it is outdated.

From my first contact with arts, science, technology and marketing I was always fascinated by moving beyond the conventional into those areas where knowledge meets belief and facts become phantasies.

Why do I never think of those obvious, simple ideas that make other people rich? What makes the unconventional seem so powerful? What makes people think outside the box?

This forum is for discussing these questions. The age of information will be greatly influenced by the gap opening between those who stay inside the established borders of what we perceive and those who push the limits of their imagination.

And so, this forum also becomes a test case. How far can this technology push the limits? How far can we push the technology?

Every now and then we might be lucky to meet someone or find a book or experience something that makes us extend our horizon. I¥d like to hear about yours and collect them here for others to benefit.

It is a great journey, I am really excited about where it might lead.